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I am Zara Gretti; the Nigerian-American artiste commonly known as Zara. My life spans across Nigeria and the United States but I was born in Lagos, Nigeria at some point in the mid-80’s to families of various religions and ethnicities making me the open-minded being I am. I was christened Margaret-Mary Joseph. 

Having spun in the arms of various art forms; namely dance, theatre, and fashion (modeling, styling, make-up). I discovered the artiste in me when I fell into a recording studio in 2006 and music hasn't let go of me. I am a rapper/singer, and love to express myself as a performer. If i wasn't creating music, I'd still share my spirit somehow. I did a bit of work as an on-air personality on Rhythm 93.7fm Lagos, and various television platforms. “Zara Gretti TV’ is the latest development I look forward to bringing my audience. 

My biggest records so far are “The Flyest”, “Aboko ku”, and “Teno”. I am seen as eclectic and crazy. I just stay true to myself and focus on my focus. I am an independent artiste and songwriter under ILVIDONLA.

You can find me here on my website, it would be great to welcome you to ‘Gretti's Room’.

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